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Programmatic Digital Advertising

GOAL: To create brand awareness in the targeted areas by creating more visibility through impressions, which will increase website traffic and drive in-store foot traffic. Our goal is to have a healthy Click Through Rate (above the National average of .08 CTR). The increased foot traffic will be tracked by the conversion zone. This programmatic strategy will complement current advertising campaigns.

Our strategies include Keyword Retargeting, GeoFencing Neighborhoods, Competitive Conquesting, Curated Audience, GeoTargeting, Site Retargeting, and Event Retargeting.

Unlimited Changes to Campaign Tactics

Campaign will be Frequently and Proactively Optimized

24/7 Real-Time Online Detailed Reporting Link

Monthly Strategy Review of Campaign Performance

Active Management


Paid Social Media

Choose Your Goal:

  • Brand Awareness Ads (Impressions)
  • Traffic/Clicks to Website Ads (Clicks)
  • Lead Generation (Leads)

Choose Your Targeting:

  • Optimize ad delivery based on historical geofencing and/or email lists
  • Retarget people who have visited the business website or FB page
  • Implement A/B testing to drive the right message to ensure audience is correct
  • Use images or video to drive engagement
  • Place ads in Marketplace for immediate retail sales

2.54 Billion Monthly

Active Daily Users on Facebook

42% of

Say Facebook is Their #1 Influence on Purchases

200 Million Instagram Users

Visit at Least One Business Site Per Day